Incident in Nelson town centre


There's an ongoing incident in Nelson at the moment which means that #Mainline and the 2 are unable to stop in the town centre.

Here's an update on how things are looking:

If you're heading towards Colne on #Mainline, you'll need to catch your bus from the stop outside Pendle Wavelengths. Mainline is unable to stop at Kensington St, Farrah St, Lomeshaye Road or at Nelson bus station.

If you need to get to Burnley, catch #Mainline from the stop on Scotland Road, just around the corner from Pendle Wavelengths. We're unable to stop at Nelson bus station or anywhere on Manchester Road.

The 2 is unable to stop in Nelson town centre. It'll be running instead along Barkerhouse Road, Marsden Hall Road and Reedyford Road, rejoining the normal route towards Higherford at the roundabout just by the M65.

We'll keep you posted here and on Twitter as things develop - drop us a tweet if you have any questions and we'll do our best to help.