Contactless is coming - changes to tickets from 11 August


We've investing in brand new ticket machines for Blackburn! Paying for tickets on board will never have been easier - you'll soon be able to use your contactless bank card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay enabled devices to buy tickets on all Blackburn Bus Company buses.

Here's a few of your most common questions about contactless, answered.

What is contactless?

Contactless is a quick, secure and easy way to pay without needing cash.

Who can pay with contactless?

You can use contactless if you have a bank or credit card with the contactless logo, or you have a phone which supports Apple Pay or Google Pay. Most new cards now include contactless as standard.

How does it work?

Simply ask your driver for your usual ticket, tap your contactless card or phone on the reader, take your ticket and take a seat!

What tickets can I buy with contactless?

You can buy any of our single, return, day, weekly and other tickets on board, up to the value of £30.

What else is changing?

Our new ticket machines will have QR code readers. When you use a return, day or weekly ticket, you should now place the ticket under the machine to allow the QR code to be scanned.

Tickets on our app, Transdev Go, should also be scanned this way. Scanning your tickets this way should help speed up boarding times and mean you're not waiting as long for people to get on the bus.

New 12 Journey tickets

We've introduced a new range of tickets! These are a group of 12 single journey tickets that can be bought together on Transdev Go, or from your driver on the bus.

The Blackburn 12 journey tickets cost £18 and the Lancashire 12 journey ticket cost £24.

Returns are changing

You will no longer be able to use buy a return ticket and use the second part of the journey in the subsequent month. All return tickets will need to be used during the same day they were bought. If you currently buy a return and use it across a month, you should buy our new 12 journey tickets which offer better value.

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