Here's how we're running over Christmas and New Year


Christmas isn't just about turkey and mince pies. Well, OK, so a few mince pies will be consumed. But there's lots of other amazing things going on across Lancashire - and there's no better way of getting there than by bus. 

Here's a handy summary of how our buses are running over Christmas and New Year.

Monday 24 December Christmas Eve
Saturday service, with the last buses shown below

Tuesday 25 December Christmas Day
No service

Wednesday 26 December Boxing Day
Our amazing Boxing Day buses are back for another year!

Thursday 27 December
Saturday service

Friday 28 December
Saturday service

Saturday 29 December
Saturday service

Sunday 30 December
Normal Sunday service

Monday 31 December
Saturday service, with the last buses shown below

Tuesday 1 January
No service (except V1 & V3 to Boohoo)

Wednesday 2 January
Buses return to normal

Route and last bus (Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve)

Buses in and around Blackburn

1805 Blackburn to Bolton
1840 from Blackburn will finish at Darwen Cemetery
1910 Blackburn to Darwen Cemetery
1915 Bolton to Blackburn
1945 Darwen to Blackburn

1925 Blackburn to Leyburn Road
1945 Leyburn Road to Blackburn

1903 Blackburn to Accrington
1940 Accrington to Blackburn

1910 Blackburn to Accrington
1938 Accrington to Blackburn

1750 Burnley to Preston
1848 Blackburn to Preston
1805 Preston to Burnley
1849 Blackburn to Burnley

The buses at 1828, 1858, 1928 and 1958 from Burnley, and the buses at 1835, 1900 and 1930 from Preston will finish in Blackburn.

Red Express
1750 Accrington to Manchester
1915 Manchester to Accrington

Buses in and around Burnley

1835 Burnley to Higherford
1913 HigherFord to Burnley

Mainline M1
1710 Padiham to Barnoldswick
1732 Burnley to Barnoldswick
1941 Burnley to Padiham
1956 Padiham to Burnley
1858 Burnley to Colne
1856 Barnoldswick to Burnley

Mainline M2
1653 Colne to Clitheroe
1913 Burnley to Clitheroe
1852 Clitheroe to Colne
1943 Burnley to Colne

Mainline M3
1709 Trawden to Accrington
1803 Burnley to Accrington
1925 Trawden to Burnley
1736 Accrington to Trawden
1828 Burnley to Trawden
1912 Accrington to Colne
1958 Burnley to Colne

Mainline M4
1805 Burnley to Keighley
1928 Burnley to Colne
2006 Colne to Burnley
1911 Keighley to Burnley

The Witchway
1645 Manchester to Skipton
1720 Skipton to Manchester
1830 from Nelson will finish at Rawtenstall
1910 Manchester to Nelson
1940 Manchester to Burnley

The 1750, 1820, 1850 and 1920 buses from Skipton will finish at Burnley.

All of our other routes will run as normal.

Boxing Day buses

We're running buses on a whole range of routes across Lancashire on Boxing Day. Ditch the turkey butties and hit the sales with us! Here's a summary of what we'll be running.

1 every 30 mins between Blackburn and Darwen

First bus leaves Blackburn at 0930, last bus 1700
First bus leaves Darwen at 0958, last bus 1728

6&7 every 30 mins between Blackburn, Oswaldtwistle and Accrington

First bus leaves Accrington at 0959, last bus 1659
First bus leaves Blackburn at 1000, last bus 1700

The Witchway every 30 mins between Queensgate Depot, Burnley and Manchester

First bus leaves Queensgate depot to Burnley and Manchester at 0854, last bus to Manchester leaves at 1624
First bus leaves Manchester to Burnley and Queensgate at 1030, last bus 1800

Mainline M1 every 30 mins between Colne and Padiham

First bus leaves Queensgate to Colne at 0924; first bus from Padiham leaves at 0955 and Burnley at 1016
First bus leaves Queensgate to Burnley and Padiham at 0921; first bus from Colne to Burnley and Padiham leaves at 0955
Last bus leaves Colne to Burnley and Padiham at 1655, and from Colne to Queensgate at 1755
Last bus leaves Padiham to Burnley and Colne at 1655, and from Padiham to Padiham to Queensgate at 1755

V1 & V3

V1 1659 from Padiham to boohoo, and 1820 from Boohoo to Padiham will run on Boxing Day and New Year's Day
V3 1705 from Colne to Boohoo, and 1820 from Boohoo to Colne will run on Boxing Day and New Year's Day

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