Changes to buses in Burnley from Sunday 21 May


We're making a small number of changes to our buses in Burnley from Sunday 21 May

Mostly, these changes are to improve our timekeeping and reliability for you. Following your feedback, we're also making some important changes to the route of the Witchway in Manchester city centre. 

Burnley - Higherford

There will be some changes to the timetable on the 2 to improve reliability for you, particularly during the afternoon rush hour. The 2 will no longer stop at Morrisons in Nelson, and will instead run direct along Scotland Road. 

The developer funding for evening journeys on the 2 has now come to an end. However, we'll continue to run these trips on a commercial basis, and we hope that you'll continue to make good use of them.

hotline Burnley - Blackburn - Preston

There will be a small number of changes to the timetable on hotline to improve reliability. 

The Witchway Skipton - Colne - Burnley - Manchester

Following your feedback and to improve reliability, we're changing the route of the Witchway in Manchester city centre. From 21 May, buses heading into the city will run along Princess Street and will drop off additionally at stops SC and SE. 

Heading out of the city, buses will pick up at stop SG on Princess Street, and will also pick up on John Dalton Street, before turning right onto Deansgate. 

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