Fly further and faster on the Witch Way


We've made some improvements to the Witch Way. Want to know what's happening? Read on...

New quick buses to Manchester at rush hours 

Flying on the Witch Way will now be even quicker with a new quick non-stop route into Manchester during the morning and evening rush hours. We've listened to you and understand that the roadwork's in the city have made things difficult during the last few months, but this new route will speed the journey time up and mean that it'll take just over an hour between Burnley and Manchester.


Now extended to Skipton 7 days a week

There's still buses every 15 minutes between Manchester and Burnley, but you'll now be able to fly further, non-stop along the M65 to Colne, Barnoldswick and Skipton every 30 minutes. And on Sundays, we'll continue to go even further every hour beyond Skipton to Grassington. 


Nelson still served at busy times

We will continue to run to and from Nelson during the rush hours to Manchester (with a few journeys at the weekend too). At other times just catch the frequent Mainline into Burnley and change to Witch Way at Burnley bus station we have new through fares so you'll only pay once. 


View the new timetable here