Hubble bubble, it's much less trouble on the Witch Way to Manchester


Don't let commuting to Manchester be a curse – break the spell with the Witch Way. 

Enjoy a comfortable ride on modern buses that are only 3 years old, and feature spacious leather seats plus free wifi to keep you connected to work or friends. There's no need to wait around either. We have services at peak times every 10 minutes from a stop near you right to the heart of the city - so if you miss one, just hop on the next bus along.

It's the cheapest way to Manchester at only £33 for a weekly ticket, or £99.99 for a month for unlimited travel throughout our Lancashire & Manchester network. You can buy a ticket in advance from our Lancashirebus ticket app. Choose from 1 day, 7 day and 28 day durations and adult or under 19 options, delivered straight to your phone. Simply activate your ticket when you're ready to travel.

Our popular 2 person duo ticket allows you to travel with a friend after 9am and return whenever you like on the same day. We've reduced the price of this 2 person ticket to just £12 from Sunday 17th May. You'll be able to buy it from the driver from Sunday, and it will also be coming soon to our Lancashirebus ticket app.

As a special treat for our customers, on Monday 18th May we'll be at Burnley Bus Station handing out a free Lancashire Telegraph newspaper and a coffee in an exclusive Witch Way thermal mug! We'll be down spreading our magic from 06.20 for the peak commuter services into Manchester. If you can't make it, don't worry - we'll be making the mugs available to other passengers on the route at a later date.