The Burnley Bus Company Tickets for regular travellers

Ticket Prices
TicketOffline PriceOnline Price
Prices valid from 9 September 2018
Student Term Lancashire £213.00£213.00 Buy
Adult 5 days (Flex) Gold £44.00£44.00 Buy
Adult 19 or over 12 Journey Gold £42.00£42.00 Buy
Adult 19 or over Monthly Burnley £49.00£51.00 Buy
Adult 19 or over Monthly Pendle £49.00£51.00 Buy
Adult 19 or over Monthly Lancashire £85.00£87.00 Buy
Adult 19 or over Monthly Gold £120.00£122.00 Buy
Ugo (child under 19) Monthly Lancashire £55.00£57.00 Buy
Adult 19 or over 12 Month Gold £950.00£950.00 Buy
Adult Smartcard only £2.00£2.00 Buy
Adult 10 days (Flex) Gold £80.00£80.00 Buy
Child Monthly Gold £72.00£74.00 Buy
Student Annual Gold £640.00£640.00 Buy
Child Annual Gold £640.00£640.00 Buy

Gold tickets

Enjoy the freedom to travel on any Transdev bus in Lancashire and Yorkshire! Travel as often as you wish, wherever you wish. Gold cards may start on any day you wish.

Gold prices from 7 July 2019    
7 Day £38    from the driver
Monthly £120    from our offices or online
Annual £950    from our offices or online
12 journey ticket £42    buy online

You can purchase and renew all Gold cards online. You can also purchase Gold cards from the following outlets:

Accrington: Library and Information Centre, St James Street
Burnley: Customer Service Centre, Queensgate Bus Depot (Mon-Fri 9am to 4pm)
Burnley: Information Centre, Bus Station
Clitheroe Interchange: LCC County Information Centre
Manchester: GMPTE Travel Shop, Piccadilly Gardens
Nelson: LCC County Information Centre, Bus/Rail Interchange
Rawtenstall: Rawtenstall Library, Queen's Square, Haslingden Road

7 day Gold tickets are available from the bus driver on any bus, at any time of day; or from our app, Transdev Go. 7 day Gold tickets are valid for seven consecutive days from date of issue. 12 journey Gold tickets are only available to buy online. 12 journey tickets allow 12 single journeys, and are valid for up to 12 months from date of purchase.


Two travel on the Witchway for £16

Take the Witchway from Nelson or Burnley and save when two of you travel!

The special day return fare is valid when 2 adults travel together in both directions, and make the outward and return journey on the same day. Travel after 9am Mondays to Fridays, anytime Saturdays, Sundays & Bank Holidays. Simply buy your ticket from the driver as you get on the bus.


Burnley area tickets

The range of local tickets for travel within Burnley. Make as many journeys as you wish on any Transdev bus in and around Burnley. Enjoy the freedom to travel for the day, 7 days or a whole month. Burnley day and weekly tickets are available from your bus driver. Just buy your ticket on the first journey you make.

Burnley monthly tickets can only be purchased online. 

The boundaries of these tickets are:

Read, Hall (on Mainline M2)
Altham, Business Park (on Hotline)
Accrington (on Mainline M3 & 9)
Burnley Summit (on Witchway)
Rush Hey Cottages (on 8 & Irwell Line 483)
Higher Reedley Road, Hillingdon Road North
Colne Road, Casterton Avenue


Burnley 1 Day
Adult £4.70 (£3 Young Person on Transdev Go)

Burnley 7 Day
Adult £16 (£10.50 Young Person) 

Burnley Month 

Adult £49 (Buy online or on Transdev Go) 

Pendle tickets

The boundaries of these tickets are:

Colne Road, Casterton Avenue
Higher Reedley Road, Hillingdon Road North
Nelson Road, Co-Op Farm
Trawden, Lane House
Laneshaw Bridge, Emmott Arms
Barnoldswick, Fosters Arms


Pendle 1 Day
Adult £4.70

Pendle 7 Day
Adult £16


Lancashire day and weekly tickets

Our Lancashire day and weekly tickets are fantastic value if you need to travel all around the county. Lancashire area tickets can be used on any Blackburn Bus Company, Burnley Bus Company or Rosso bus in Lancashire, including on Mainline M4 to Keighley and hotline, all the way to Preston. 


Lancashire 1 Day
Adult £6.80

Lancashire Duo - two travel together
Adult £8

Lancashire 7 Day
Adult £22


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