Mainline METRO tickets and passes

Within West Yorkshire the full range of Discount Tickets and Travel Permits issued by METRO are valid for travel on Mainline.

Other METRO products are only valid for travel entirely within West Yorkshire, and may not be used within North Yorkshire or Lancashire, but non-West Yorkshire residents may obtain them.

The full range includes: 

MetroCards, for weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual travel.

West Yorkshire Day Rover Tickets.

Student MetroCards, weekly or monthly.

Young Persons Permits, Scholars Permits and SchoolCards.

MetroRover concessions for the unemployed.

For full details of all Tickets, Permits and Discounts within West Yorkshire, enquire or pick up the appropriate leaflet, at the METRO Travel Centre at Keighley Bus Station, or any other METRO Travel Centre.

Alternately call MetroLine on 0113 245 7676

or visit them on-line

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